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The brand new nationwide English school "COCO Juku"! Think in English. Learn in English.

We are recruiting Native English instructors who can teach English; from kids to adults and also encourage them to learn with us. We are waiting for employees who are interested in establishing new English schools together.

Position English Instructor
Employment status One-year contract (Renewable), Full time
Work location Nationwide
Prospective candidates
  1. 1.Have an interest in Japanese culture and working with Japanese people
  2. 2.Are able to work for a minimum of one year
  3. 3.Have excellent communication skills and are eager to learn new things
  4. 4.Are patient, friendly and flexible
  5. 5.Are careful and thoughtful
  6. 6.Are team players and proactively support others
  7. 7.Are active-Are enthusiastic
  8. 8.Are experienced in teaching English
  1. 1.Native English level
  2. 2.Hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher from an English speaking country
  3. 3.Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) or higher
  4. 4.Be able to work for a minimum of one year
  5. 5.TESOL, TEFL, or CELTA experience (at least 120 hours) or equivalent certificate is favorable.
  6. 6.Instructor training experience is highly considered.
Main duties and responsibility
  1. 1.Teach students using the established curriculum of company effectively and offer attractive lessons for the students who come regularly
  2. 2.Evaluate students properly
  3. 3.Maintain students renewal
  4. 4.Complete daily teaching record
  5. 5.Attend the required meetings, seminars and activities
  1. 1.Full-time native English teacher: JPY250,000/month~JPY265,000/month
  2. 2.Paid public transportation
  3. 3.Full time employees must be enrolled in Employee health insurance (Shakai Hoken), welfare pension and unemployment insurance
  4. 4.Nichii Gakkan union membership required
  5. 5.Incentives offered
  6. 6.Completion Bonus to qualified instructors
Working days and hour Between 7am and 10pm (Depends on the shift/8 hours/day, 40 hours/week, break not included)
Days off : According to the company regulations
Work start day Based on each school's opening date
Contact Us

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 03-3291-5898. Thank you.