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Under the company’s philosophy of “we are committed to helping people live healthy, happier lives,” we provide a variety of daily living assistance services to support Japan’s social security system (health insurance, nursing care insurance, childcare support). We will continue to strive to create prosperous lifestyles by generating new value that anticipates changes in the social environment and the needs of the times.

Vocational Education Business

We conduct job training to develop the human resources who will take on the responsibility of providing medical support business and nursing care business. To date, we have trained approximately 2 million people and sent them out to medical and nursing care service sites. Through our business model of “from education to employment,” Nichii harnesses its business partnerships to secure the personnel required to provide these services as well educating and training personnel to improve the quality of the services provided.

Medical Support Business

Japan established a universal healthcare system in 1961, providing all citizens with public health insurance. Under this system, citizens are able to access medical treatment when required. Nichii provides outsourcing services such as insurance claims services (preparing statements of medical expenses) to ensure that medical facilities receive reimbursement of medical fees, and reception desk services, allowing healthcare facilities to concentrate on their primary function of providing medical care. Currently, we work with approximately 10,000 healthcare facility partners, providing comprehensive support across a broad range of services, such as management support, research and analysis services, and seminar hosting, helping healthcare facilities to improve operational efficiency, enhance patient satisfaction, and resolve any other relevant issues.

Long-term care business

Japan introduced a nursing care insurance system in 2000. Having already entered the nursing care industry in 1996, Nichii was able to become a leading company in the nursing care industry by expanding its network of nursing care service sites and training human resources. Today, the company delivers services to approximately 15,000 customers in around 1,400 nursing care service sites nationwide, providing a range of services tailored to the needs of its customers, from at-home care services such as home-visit care, to residential care services such as fee-charging nursing homes.
In Japan, the aging of the population is bringing with it a rise in dementia, and it is estimated that in 2025, more than 7 million people (1 in 5 of people aged 65 and over) will be affected. Nichii regards dementia care as a priority, and is working to provide support that will allow elderly sufferers of dementia to remain in a familiar living environment free from anxiety. This entails operating group homes where elderly dementia sufferers live together in small groups, and enhancing training provided to nursing care staff.

Health Care Business

Harnessing the know-how in respect of daily life support cultivated in the Long-term care business, we are developing housekeeping assistance services to support the daily lives of everyone from children to the elderly. Services such as cleaning and laundry, accompanying them when they go out and monitoring them. In addition, the healthcare business offers services and products to make everyday life more comfortable and affluent, such as selling PB (private brand) disposable diapers made at the request of users of nursing care services

Language Business

Nichii launched its language business in 2011 in response to the rapid globalization of society. At this time English was adopted as the official language in some Japanese companies and became a compulsory subject in Japanese elementary schools. The company provides people of all ages with language education courses in accordance with their level and needs, by building a diverse language education business network. This network includes our main language school, COCO Juku, and our children’s English conversation school COCO Juku Junior, and the English conversation school, GABA, whose core service is one-on-one lessons. The network also includes institutions such as York Global Study Center, which supports study abroad, and the language school, SELC, which operates in Australia, Canada, and the Philippines.

Child Care Business

Japan currently has a lack of childcare services, leaving many parents and guardians without access to the services they need. This has become a social issue, which Nichii has set out to address, by operating Nichii Kids, a daycare center that adheres to the philosophy of “fostering the ability to survive with gentleness and with strength”. We also provide support to hospitals and companies that establish daycare centers on their premises for the welfare of their employees. Through collaboration of the nursing care and language education business, we are delivering high quality daycare services by developing unique services through cooperation between businesses, such as providing opportunities for interaction between the elderly and babies/infants, and English language education for infants.

China Business

In 2015, Nichii launched its business in China, harnessing its know-how in human resources development and service provision cultivated over approximately 50 years since its founding to respond to the rapidly growing aging population and declining birthrate in that country. Forming partnerships with approximately 20 top-ranking business operators from various regions of China, the company is developing its business on the concept of the “Three Excellences” (excellent human resources, excellent services, excellent products), fusing China’s culture and customs with Japanese-style service. Specifically, the business will provide nursing, child and postpartum care, and services to support daily living such as housekeeping, based on the human resources development business that is the key to our services, as well as selling healthcare goods such as disposable diapers.
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