Brand Statement

Making kindness our strength.

People are kind. Don't you think so?
We can't help but reach out to someone in need.
To lend a helping hand to those who have fallen, to empathize with those who are down.
Turning this human kindness into a strength.
That is what Nichii does.

The heartfelt kindness towards others within each and every one of us.
We look to develop this into a source of strength, capable of nurturing our communities.
This is a role that Nichii has fulfilled with pride for almost 50 years.
Long-term care, medical support, and educational services for human development.
When thinking of a Japan aging at an unprecedented rate, we strongly feel the need to prioritize the development of as many human resources in this field as possible.
The happiness in working for the wellbeing of others.
We at Nichii will continue to pour our passion into this mission.

Concept behind "Making kindness our strength"

Our slogan has two meanings.

The first is the kindness within us that develops our humanity, guides our society, and expresses the traditional approach to work Nichii has prided itself on for almost 50 years.
The second is our values which progress towards not only the dignity of humans, but to the dignity of nature.

The standard for determining the strength of a person must be established as "the compassion and kindness for others and nature", not "the ability to defeat others and rule nature".

With this philosophy in mind, we at Nichii declare "Making kindness our strength" our slogan.