Dec 1968 The company is founded. The current Chairman and CEO starts medical administrative services business.
May 1971 The company starts on-site lessons for medical administration. (start of education business).
Oct 1972

The company expands the medical administrative services business across the country.

Aug 1973 The company is established as Child Care Academy Co., Ltd.
Aug 1975 Child Care Academy Co., Ltd. changes corporate name to "NICHIIGAKKAN CO., LTD.".
Aug 1980 Establishes branch offices in all 47 prefectures.
Jul 1995 The company is registered as an OTC company.
Apr 1996 Launches long-term care business with a focus on in-home care.
Mar 1999 The company is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section.
Apr 2000
Long-term care service brochure
Long-term care Insurance Guidebook

Establishes 770 nursing care facilities in response to the introduction of the long-term care insurance system (a full-scale expansion of long-term care business).

Sep 2002
Advertisement on the First Section of the
Tokyo Stock Exchange

The company is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section.

Apr 2003 The compnay enters the childcare business.
Apr 2005 The company starts long-term preventative care services.
Nov 2007 The company expands on full-scale facility-care services.
Sep 2011 The company makes GABA Corporation a wholly owned subsidiary (entry into the language business).
Feb 2012 Nichii Carenet Co., Ltd. establishes NICHII CARENET CHINA Co., Ltd. * (The first launch in China).
  • *
    Currently -"Nichii Shanghai Co., Ltd."- which became a wholly owned subsidiary of NICHIIGAKKAN CO., LTD. through a transfer of equity in March 2015.
Apr 2012 Launches the COCO Juku language school for adult students (a full-scale expansion of the language business).
Oct 2012 SELC ENGLISH LANGUAGE CENTRE CANADA LTD. (language school) and SELC CAREER COLLEGE CANADA LTD. become subsidiaries.
Nov 2012 Establishes the York Global Study Center Co., Ltd.
Apr 2013 Launches the COCO Juku Jr. English language school for children.
Dec 2013 -
Dec 2014
The company establishes affiliate companies in China.
(Nichii China Co., Ltd., Nichii Hong Kong Co., Ltd, and Nichii Guangzhou Co., Ltd).
Dec 2015 ZhongFu Nichii Healthservices Co., Ltd. was established.
Jul 2016 Odakyu Life Associe Co., Ltd. becomes a subsidiary through share acquisition. Trading name is changed to Nichii Flower Co., Ltd. (expansion of in-home care network).
Sawayakahoiku Company becomes a subsidiary (expansion of child care network).
Feb 2017 Launches the A-LOVE dog salon (therapy business).