Business Activities

We are developing businesses in fields with a deep connection to people's lives, such as medical support, long-term care and child care, supported by our philosophy of enriching people's lives through our business lines. As a total life services company, we have reacted to the recent increase in child care support and globalization to expand into such diverse fields as child care and language education. We are also expanding overseas to provide the high quality services developed by our domestic business lines. We are striving to realize a society where everyone, both in Japan and abroad, can live with peace of mind.

Medical support business

We work as partners with medical institutions to improve management efficiency, patient satisfaction and other issues concerning medical care at hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies, and support management and medical treatment through management consulting services and system sales. We also work to develop personnel in these fields through healthcare-related courses such as medical office work.

Long-term care business

Nichii provides a broad array of total care services from in-home care to long-term residential care in facilities such as fee-based nursing homes. Working closely with affiliated institutions in local communities, we can respond flexibly to the diverse needs of our customers due to changes in their physical condition or lifestyle. We also work to develop personnel in these fields through certification training programs and other courses related to long-term care.

Child care business

We support authorized daycare centers, hospital daycare centers, company daycare centers and other child care facilities in an effort to resolve issues with children on waiting lists for local child care to support the active participation of women in society. In April 2017, we started a nationwide rollout of corporate daycare centers to support the parenting efforts of our own employees, employees from affiliated companies, and local residents. We also provide child care courses (such as babysitting).

Health care business

Nichii Life provides a diverse range of products and services tailored to the needs of daily life such as elderly care products, the Axianet members network for seniors, and services related to household chores, child care, and family nursing care that are intended to enrich the lives of a wide range of age groups.
We are also expanding our market reach and boosting customer satisfaction through the rollout of our foreign housekeeper service, Sunny Maid Service, in strategic areas throughout the country.

Language education business

Nichii's language business network promotes global human resource development by responding to the diverse needs for English learning in the face of a rapidly-advancing global society. We provide lessons to suit a broad range of age groups, levels, and student objectives through group lessons focused on improving conversational ability at COCO Juku Jr, one-on-one English conversation at Gaba, and our overseas study support services.

Therapy business

We have developed the A-LOVE dog salon based on the concept of pet health. We also participate in the breeding of Australian Labradoodles as dispatch therapy dogs to long-term care facilities to raise awareness of this rare breed of dog.

China business

We provide long-term care, postnatal care, child care, and housekeeping services in China, in conjunction with actively training human resources in these fields. In the long-term care field, we have focused our efforts on the propagation of Japanese-style care (self-support), and have made preparations for the full-fledged rollout of such a service throughout China in the future. We will work to provide a high level of service that extends beyond national borders by leveraging the service provision structures of regional companies and educational institutions with a major presence in China.